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About  Andrea

Wedding days are unlike any other; they are a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires someone who is dedicated, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented. Each wedding I undertake is an honor in and of itself since I am invited to share one of the most intimate and important days of your lives. It makes me incredibly grateful to the people who select me, and it's not something I take lightly.

My method:  Life can sometimes instill a hustle mentality in which working equals success, but I've discovered joy in the slow moments. Slowing down truly balances me, allowing me to better serve my clients, strengthen my relationships, and improve my community. That is why, during sessions, I like to focus on the small details and the candid images in between the posed ones. Slowing down life, even for a few hours to shoot, changes the very feel of the images, which is refreshing for both me and my clients. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a job that combines so many of my interests. I'm grateful that I have the skills to offer more than just beautiful scenery.

I grew up in the lower mainland of British Columbia, inspired by the sound of the water and the beauty of the land. I attempt to capture that vibe in my photographs. I strive to capture the particular beauty and romance of your wedding in genuine, authentic photos. I strive for my images to be a unique blend of art and photojournalism, be modern but timeless, and above all look natural. That does sound like a mouthful, but honestly, I love photographing weddings and thrive on the excitement, emotion, and enjoyment of the day. I am always looking for the golden light, contrasting backgrounds, and I'll keep you movin'. A wedding day is a celebration of you, your love, and your journey together, so let’s have some fun.

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I have 9 tattoos

I am unhealthily obsessed with cats

I am the biggest foodie ever

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I have a super irrational fear of spriders

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Being a part of your special day is an absolute favorite 



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